Sustainability and Conservation

Commercial use and management have become a viable sustainability and conservation strategy that are linked very closely together. Our crocodile farm where we source our skins, has been at the forefront of this conservation drive since 2003. Our farm holds full accreditation from the  Government as a facility for the conservation of the species. All species from the farm that are to be bred for commercial purposes comply with the CITES Convention of which the  Government is a co-signatory of. Our farm basically operates under a "sustainable harvesting” policy where for 1 in every 3 specimens that are bred in the facility, one is released into the wild to basically keep the wild population numbers at non-endangered levels. This is crucial because crocodiles are a very vital part of the river and waterway eco-systems.

Unfortunately through loss of natural habitat and poaching, the crocodiles in the wild are still considered at endangered levels, which make the conservation work and practices of our farm the more crucial and important to the species ultimate survival in the wild.

Crocodiles tend to be genetically passive when left alone and have their two basic needs catered for. The provision of Food and Space are two vital needs that promote the genetic passivity of this creature and discourages aggression.
This genetic passivity of the species makes them less aggressive towards each other hence virtually no permanent scars or marks on the skin which is really essential when grading a crocodile skin. It is this genetic passivity that also promotes a soft supple skin which is easier to work and shape.
 To nurture the genetic passivity of the species, we make sure that we confine only a small amount of specimens in each breeding area. Unlike other crocodile farms which tend to keep hundreds (even thousands of specimens) within one area. Crocodiles are very territorial and been kept in large numbers like that, brings out their natural aggressiveness and result in permanent scars and markings on the skin due to fighting for territory within. Our farms breeding practice of keeping very few specimens within a generous compound, ensures that they have no reason to attack each other and hence, the skins remain unmarked, pristine and supple. Basically, we are of the great belief that a happy crocodile is a good looking crocodile and ultimately a very good looking handbag.

Finally, our farm apart from being a conservation facility for this magnificent creature, as a result of our conservation practices, provides the perfect background to nurture a perfect flawless skin that is unique both in patternation and texture.  All we do after that is simply try to do justice to this magnificent animal by turning this skin into an ultimate work of art whether it is a small purse or a large handbag. Our ultimate goal is to deliver an end product that meets the highest standards and fulfills the highest expectations.