Our Journey

The words Catwalk Exotique evoke different things to different people. We adapted the words and decided to take them to the highest possible echelon of our expertise and ability in handbag design. To achieve this we had to take a “Bottom to the Top” Approach which required us to assume 100% control of the whole process. This involved making sure that our specimens were reared in a specific environment and  in a way that induced the highest possible skin quality. Additionally, we ensured that our artisans and craftsmen have had many many years of experience in working with this specific skin type. On the design side, we channeled unparalleled man hours and woman hours of creativity to ensure that our handbags reflect exactly what our marketing arm claims they do.

Most Importantly, to achieve our goal of adopting the word “exotique” and taking it to such unparalleled heights, the synergy from the person who reared the specimens right through to the designer, manufacturer and marketer, had to have a common thread that keeps this synergy alive and burning. This common thread that holds and binds “our Tapestry” together is our common and unconditional love of the skin of this specimen type. This unconditional love filters through into the way we designed, manufactured and presented our handbags. Since the eyes are the best judge we cordially invite you to navigate not only the stunning images but also peruse all the information on our website. We are exceptionally confident that what you will see and read will be an EXOTIQUE experience for the senses that will linger on, long after you depart our website, re-enforcing our motto that Catwalk Exotique Hand Bag Wear is “An Experience that is more than skin deep".

Visit our New Byron Bay Showroom/Studio at 80 Centennial Circuit Byron Bay NSW 2481